Best Django hosting providers
Best Django Hosting Providers

Best Django hosting service providers in all over the world:

Django is a high-level python based opensource web framework, which is used to develop a complex and wast web application in an easy and time-bound manner. When it comes to host your django project, the most important thing is where to host it?  Almost all shared hosting sites don't give a customer root access to the server. So, installing Django on this type shared hosting is impossible as we have to install lots of python libraries to run the Django project. In the market, there are some hosting sites let you host your Django project on their servers free for limited time. Here is a list of some well known hosting providers to host your Django project.

1. Heroku:

If you are new in Django and wants to host your practice project for free then Heroku is the best option for you. Heroku supports lots of languages like PHP, Node, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Clojure. Heroku supports powerful and popular PostgreSQL which is a relational database management systems. Heroku free account is good for hosting your practice or college projects as server go to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Pricing:  Free + Heroku plans for Django starts from $7 to $500/month as per your requirement. You can buy Heroku hosting for Django from Pricing  | Heroku

2. PythonAnywhere:

PythonAnywhere runs on lightning fast servers hosted by Amazon EC2. This website specially created for python programmers. You can run or test your lite Django project on PythonAnywhere free of cost. It has a lot of preinstalled popular python libraries like NumPy, BeautifulSoup, and SciPy. You can install any python library as per your requirements. For heavy using, you can select their affordable premium plans.

Pricing: Free + PythonAnywhere hosting plans for Django starts from $5 to $500/month. You can buy PythonAnywhere hosting from Plans and Pricing: PythonAnywhere

3. DigitalOcean:

Nowadays, DigitalOcean is one of the most powerful and well-recommended cloud hosting company. Most of the experts recommend DigitalOcean for Django project deployment. They have provided the whole tutorial for deploying Django project on their server. Customer support of DO is very active and able to help you to deploy your Django project on the server.

Pricing: Starts from $5 to $ 1200/month. Once you register on their website by using my referral link, you will get $100 free credits in your account. Get free $100 DigitalOcean credits.

4. Linode:

Linode provides high speed and high-performance SSD Linux servers. Linode servers equipped with tools like NodeBalancer, Backups, LinodeManaged and Longview for your seamless performance. They have active Linode community where you can ask your doubts. They have provided the whole tutorial on deploying Django applications on Linode using uWSGI and Nginx. So, you can easily host your Django app on Linode.

Pricing: Starts from $5 to $960/month. You can buy Linode VPS for Django from Linode | Plans, and Pricing

5. WebFaction:

WebFaction is highly recommended hosting for Django applications. Its is specifically optimized for Django as it comes with a one-click installer. You can install Django on the WebFaction in just one click. Once you register on WebFaction, you will get a free trial for 48- hours which only allow installation of a static website.

Pricing: Starts from $10 to $240/month. Using my referral you will get you a good discount on Webfaction cloud servers.

6.  A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting has special plans for Django hosting. If you compare A2 hosting for Django with other Django hostings providers, it is slightly cheaper than other hostings. You will get free SSD and Root Access in all plans.

Pricing: Starts from $4.80/month. Buy A2 hosting for Django.

Above Django hostings are personally used by me and they are worked more than satisfactory for me. There are many other best hostings for django like AWS, Alibabacloud, Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc.